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Crystal Clear Purification Systems Pty Ltd started operating in 1994 as a retail business in Magill SA.  At that time our major supplier was Cuno Pacific, also known as Aqua Pure. Since most products were imported from the USA they were highly priced.

Our company kept searching for a local supplier that could support the needs of retailers, being service based with working knowledge of installation methods and solutions to the every day problems faced by retailers. Unable to find such a supplier, Crystal Clear began to import stock from the US in 1997. It soon became apparent that most of the products imported from the US were actually made in Taiwan or Korea for the very fastidious US market. In 1998 we decided to import goods from Taiwan made to the strict US specifications. This has enabled Crystal Clear to ensure the highest possible quality at the lowest possible price.

Crystal Clear continues to maintain a small retail business to keep the management of the wholesale business informed about market demand and installation issues from a retailer's perspective. Our customers are encouraged to give feedback because we are 100% committed to understanding and responding to the retailers needs.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your valued support and hope to be of service to you for many years to come.


Peter Goebel

Crystal Clear Founder



Barbara Goebel

Managing Director



Nicky - Technical Support

Veronica - Accounts, Administration & Website

Sarah - Accounts & Administration

Andrew - Assembly

Derek - Service & Assembly

Cody - Assembly

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