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Sediment Group.jpg

Sediment Filters

Carbon Main.png

Carbon Filters

Speciality Group.jpg

Speciality Filters

Loose Media.jpg

Loose Media

Inline Main.png

In-Line Filters

UV Main Group.jpg

Ultraviolet Filtration

Housings main.png

Housings -
Plastic, Stainless & Big Blue

Brackets Group.jpg


Faucet and accessories main.png

Faucets & Accessories

Fittings Main.jpg

Fittings - 
Jaco Style, Brass, Chrome, Steel, Plastic & Garden Hose

JG Main.jpg

John Guest - 
Fittings, Tubing & Valves

RO components main.png

RO Components - 
Domestic & Industrial

Cluster Main.jpg

Cluster Housings & Components

Vessels & Bags.jpg

Bag Vessels, Filter Bags
Media Vessel


Membranes -
Domestic & Industrial

IRO Housings & Components.png

IRO Housings & Components

Tanks Main.jpg

RO Tanks & Ball Valves

PLV main.png

Pressure Limiting & Relief Valves

Tubing & Tape.jpg

Tubing & Teflon Tape

Anti Leak & Shower.jpg

Leak Detectors & Shower Filters

Handles, Screws & O-Rings.jpg

Opening Handles, Screws, O-Rings
& Silicone Grease

Counter Top Components.png

Counter Top Components

Systems Main.png


IRO Main.jpg

Industrial RO's, Pumps, Motors
& Actuators

Watermark Main.png

WaterMark Systems

Chemical Dosing & test Main.png

Chemical Dosing, Test Equipment & Micropur

Coolers Main.png

Coolers & Accessories

Boiling Billy Main.jpg

Boiling Billy Units

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